Turtle Project
Blaise Pascal
“The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.”
The Two Oceans Aquarium actively rescues, rehabilitates and releases stranded and distressed sea turtles as part of their conservation efforts. Hundreds of sea turtles have been saved, reared to full strength and released back into the wild though a network of corporate sponsors and private donors.

Loggerhead and leatherback turtles nest on the South African coast and are the most often rehabilitated by the Aquarium. They do however also assist with stranded green, olive ridley and hawksbill sea turtles that wash up on South African shores.

It costs the Aquarium about R27 per day to rehabilitate the average turtle – but few of them are “average”. From 25g hatchlings to 80kg heavyweights, dehydration to broken shells and picky eaters to energetic rascals, it takes a passionate and dedicated team to provide each turtle with the individual care and treatment it needs.
In exchange for access, the MD Cape Town organisers have agreed to assist in raising funds for the Turtle Project. Fantastic news is that Niantic has agreed to match any donations received from Agents – what a fabulous way to support a worthy cause.
The Two Oceans Aquarium has partnered with Mission Day in Cape Town to give Agents exclusive access to the Aquarium on the day.

After your registration has been confirmed you will be given a wristband which will grant free access to the Aquarium for Sunday 23 September only. The Two Oceans Aquarium will close to the public at 17h00, but have very generously offered MD agents exclusive access to the Aquarium between 17h00 and 19h00.

This is a great time to meet up and compare missions with the event organisers, fellow team mates and cross faction friends made throughout the day, while experiencing the incredible diversity of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

Shop Mission Day Swag

The organising committee has put together a selection of swag to commemorate Africa’s second Mission Day. All proceeds from merchandise sales will be donated to The Turtle project in return for access to the Two Oceans Aquarium on Sunday.

Note that orders will close on the 14th September to accommodate production of all items so that these will be ready for collection on Mission Day.

The store is closed for SWAG orders. Donations are still active and are welcomed and much appreciated. Dismiss